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  1. Thank you for taking your time to answer me I'll read about adjusting to slant range.......good tips
  2. Can you tell me how do I do that? I see there is a Radar Convert tool ...is it Domain conversion....Radiometric conversion... Thank you
  3. Can you point me in the right direction of the workflow for RadarSAT-2 images to extract a DEM and to see in 3D for stereoscopic work that I need to do Thank you
  4. Thank you very much for taking you time to answer me If I can’t make a project in LPS with RadarSat-2, can I maybe create a project in LPS with epipolars extracted from Radarsar-2? If so, witch Geometric Model Category should I use? Thank you again
  5. But problem is I can't make block project with those type of images! Can you suggest what kind of Geometric Model Category should I use I think I tried them all Thanks
  6. Yeh... I forgat to mention the most important thing Erdas, LPS to create a project and trying to see in 3D in StereoAnalyst thanks
  7. Hi, Does anyone know the procedure to create a block project for StereoAnalyst use with RadarSAT-2 HH SLC images? Have bunch of those images and they are not stereo-pair type. Also have to extract a DEM and have terrible results …..does not look like DEM at all So if someone can give me some hints Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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