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  1. this is actually very helpful for me. I am currently deploying a mobile field data collection platform and need somthing like this.
  2. OP share your finished result for others to see as well.
  3. from my understanding its the work you have done. Titles should not matter. But I would also request a title change and be sure your pay is industry standard to the least
  4. Looking for Zip Code data with the +4 attached for Palm Beach County in the State of FLorida. Would like to associate this with an address or Parcel control number but I can do all that myself just need the hard data itself. contacted the post office they claimed its not for public sharing lol anyone can help?
  5. Hello, welcome to the community!
  6. I too was considering taking this exam for 10.3 However like the user above said exams are based off major versions 10.3, 10.4 etc.... as time goes on newer exams will be created and your cert for the outdated version will be useless. However I guess it does promote your knowledge of their software which is crucial in many job markets. My employer said they will pay for my exam as well as purchasing a study guide text book supplied by ESRI for that particular exam so the money isn not really an issue for me. I guess it will look decent to have on a resume but don;t rely on tha
  7. Hello all, I am Jagster. I have been in the GIS field since my sophomore year in college (roughly 4 years ago). I currently got my first job as a GIS Planner at a local government municipality. I love what I do and have a strong passion to constantly learn more and new concepts, skills, ideas and generally network with other industry professionals. I am currently teaching myself python in my spare time and have officially fully automated a few tasks already at the work place (stoked). I have also been informed that in the next 6-10 months I will be admin on our GIS serve
  8. I am still using 10.3.1 Waiting for IT to upgrade us been waiting months now....however my rule of thumb for most software upgrading is wait minimum of 6 months after version updates to let vendors sort out any major bugs.
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