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  1. I am looking for DEM data of India to buy/download. Any good resources?
  2. I get 10-15 data files per day, each about a GB each. Yes, I would like to plot them automatically. For the entire day, I would like to pick the correct parameter and animate them over time. Typically, like what BaronWeather does.
  3. I have the data files. All GRIB files which are huge. Additional data in NetCDF, BUFR and HDF5
  4. verydiscreet

    Wind Plot

    Need some help in creating the wind plots as seen in the attached image. I have the data; don't know the algorithm. Wind Plot
  5. Please activate my account. Have a few questions about map tiling Thanks, V
  6. Hi, Need some guidance on drawing clouds from doppler and radar data. Is AWS data too required? Thanks, V
  7. Hi, Thanks for letting me join the community. I am trying to develop a real-time weather solution for a client. Trying to learn drawing contour lines on the map. Any help in pointing to the resources would be most appreciated. Thanks, V
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