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  1. 90% is maybe a bit optimistic and anyway, whatever software you are going to use, some readjustment has to be performed behind. I've tested in the past the version 6 of VRMesh and it was quite hard to do. Not sure about the new release and I can just guess that they have bring improvement. Personally I love Global Mapper. darksabersan.
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  2. Correct, Terrascan uses Microstation Platform. But there is good reason for this - the Vortex point cloud engine is one of the most efficient for dealing with large point clouds. Global Mapper / LiDAR Module is standalone. There is also VRMesh but don't know how effective this is. You might be dissapointed if you want 90% auto classiifcation, especially with photo produced point clouds. Most softwares have a hard time dealing with this sort of data. OSurv
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  3. Hi Lurker, There are a few other softwares that will classify bare earth, but none will do a 100% efficient job automatically without some manual editing afterwards. Eg: Carlson Point Cloud Global Mapper with LiDAR module Terrasolid Terrascan My recomendation would be Terrascan. It is the industry standard for Aerial LiDAR processing and does a fast and efficient job on auto classifying ground points. It also allows you to alter the parameters depending on the terrain and objects that you have in your dataset. Osurv
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