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Automatic restart of pgAgent job when it fails


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Hi Guys,

I have several Agents setup on various PostgreSQL 10 databases to run tasks but I would like to know if someone of you knows a tool that can restart an Agent that didn't run properly.

I am used to use a query to see the status of every tasks when it fails or success as below, launched from postgres db:

SELECT jobid, jobname, jobenabled, lastjob.jlgstatus last_job_status,
jstid, jstname, (jstkind, jstonerror) "type->error",lastjobstep.jslstatus last_step_status, jsloutput,jslduration, jstcode jobstepcode
FROM pgagent.pga_job 
LEFT JOIN pgagent.pga_jobstep on jobid = jstjobid
LEFT JOIN (SELECT _last.jlgjobid, _last.max_jlgid, jlgstatus, jlgstart
		   FROM  pgagent.pga_joblog, (select jlgjobid, max(jlgid) max_jlgid FROM pgagent.pga_joblog group by jlgjobid) _last
		   WHERE jlgid = max_jlgid) lastjob                              
ON jobid = jlgjobid 
LEFT JOIN (SELECT _last.jsljstid, jslstatus, jslstart, jsloutput, jslduration
			FROM pgagent.pga_jobsteplog, (select jsljstid, max(jslid) max_jstid from pgagent.pga_jobsteplog group by jsljstid) _last
			where jslid =  max_jstid) lastjobstep
ON jstid = jsljstid

ORDER BY jobid,jstid

Unfortunately this is only possible when I am behind my screen and if something happen after my working hour, I would love also to receive an email alert to be informed.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Thanks @rahmansunbeam, I will have look closer.

@Lurker, when I said "didn't run properly" I mean that usually I use *.bat file to run Python Script for downloading, converting data and upload them to PostgreSQL.

Sometime the process is stopped due to disconnected distant server and obviously it fails.


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Hi darksabersan

I was wondering if you have considered using a Software robot(s) to automate the tasks and ensure the jobs are completed.

Two RPA's I know are in the wild are:

WinAutomation (Microsoft have just aquired it) and Uipath,  RPA - Robot Process Automation

Also there are Macro programms such as Pitrinec Macro Toolworks or Macro Expert may help or

System Scheduler (Splinterware) or CronVisual (Automation, Intergration and Task Scheduling)

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