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How to add multiple polygon layers to DEM

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I have a shape file containing around 300 polygons and a DEM.

Every polygon represents a waste layer about 10 inch thickness added on the field and marked by a date.

I would like to add each layer to the DEM value.

How can i do this ?

I would also like to create a 3D view in ArcScene for this waste pile, so that each layer can be selected individualy from the waste pile. How can I do that ?

I managed to converted the polygons to features, but i don't know how to continue my project......

One problem is that the polygons have no Z values (altitude), only an estimated 10 inch tichness each polygon. And the polygons are overlapping. So, how can i make an 3D view ?

Thank you.



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I'm not 100% sure to understand what you want to create,

usually in ArcScene you can set the raster (DEM) as a the terrain reference for your shapefile with the polygons 

(Right-Click on the Polygon in ArcScene > Properties > Base Height : 

set Floating on a custom surface (and here take the DEM, which have to be in a projected coordinate system). Then you set a Layer offset 

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In would like 2 things:

1) to add the thickness of each polygon to the DEM. The result should look like a waste pile in 3D.

2) to create individual bloks (TIN's) overlapping in ArcScene 3D.

In don't know how to sort the layers based on the date of the deposit, then how to intersect and union the values for each polygon so that each block inherits the values from bellow.

It should look like a geological deposit, each layer overlapping on top of each other.

How cam i create something like that ?

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