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Project raster results missing


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Hello all,

I am trying to project a raster dem file using tool project raster in ArcMap 10.3. The tool runs and gives the green tick showing it is complete. But I don't find the output file in Table of contents/catalog or see any changes in the display. Neither I find the results in the folder where it shows as saved. Why is it so? Could someone tell what am i missing?



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Thanks for the reply:) I am using version 10.5 ArcMap. I am attaching in the screenshot. I am trying to save it in Texas.gdb with the new file named as smdem. Btw I also have installed ArcHydro for the project and set the target locations. But have not started working with the tools. Will that be a problem?

These are the steps which i did

1. Created Texas.gdb inside the same folder where mxd file is saved.

2. Set the workspace in geoprocessing as Texas.gdb.

3. Then clean the temp folders from ArcHydro App Utilities.

4. Set the Default Target locations in the App Utilities of ArcHydro files.

5. Used project raster tool to a new projected system and the files are shown to be saved in Texas.gdb which is assigned in the workspace. 

Tool runs and gives the green tick but file is missing :(

When i run the tool without any of these steps and save the raster in the folder, it works. Does this mean rasters cant be saved inside geodatabase? 

Thanks in advance,




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