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  1. Hello all, I am trying viewshed in ArcMap 10.3.1. The tool actually worked so fast before last two days and now it has slow down and it takes more than 12 hours to reach the results. Why is it so? Did someone have this problem with Viewshed tool? What could be the reasons for slowing down? How to fix this? Thanks for the help, Maya
  2. Viewshed with towers and trees

    Thank you so much. It helped Now i am stuck with a new problem. The view shed tool is taking too much time to run. In th begining the tool run so fast but now its taking around 12 hours to run with the same input files. DO you have any idea why? Thanks, maya
  3. Hello, I want to do a viewshed of tall towers. Trees height data are also available. How to take into account the height of trees when doing viewshed analysis ? thanks, maaya
  4. Hello all, I want to add wind mill tower heights to the existing dem file at some places. How could this be done? Thanks for the help, Maya
  5. TerrSet or IDRISI

    Hello all, I am working with software TerrSet. How is it possible to export some values by selecting within a map. I dont want to consider industrial areas in a landcover map. So i want a map without industries from a landcover. Can someone tell me how is that done? I have worked with ArcMap where we can just select the features from the attribute table and export the map with the selected features. Is there any option like that in here? Thanks, maaya
  6. I read in some instructions that it is safer to reclassify with codes like value in the reclass dialogue box instead of fields like ex: Geology . Is it because there are more possibility for errors in this than in the values. I find it more easier to reclassify if it is based on descriptions like geology. Are there some other reasons that reclassification works better with values than with fields like descriptions? Thanks, Maya.
  7. Project raster results missing

    Hello Lurker, Surprisingly it worked after closing the program and restarting. Thanks a lot, Maya
  8. Delete batch point

    Hello again, I am trying to delineate watershed using ArcHydro. I wrongly marked the outlet and generated a batch point. i would like to delete this and start with new one. How could this be done Thanks, Maya
  9. Project raster results missing

    Thanks for the reply:) I am using version 10.5 ArcMap. I am attaching in the screenshot. I am trying to save it in Texas.gdb with the new file named as smdem. Btw I also have installed ArcHydro for the project and set the target locations. But have not started working with the tools. Will that be a problem? These are the steps which i did 1. Created Texas.gdb inside the same folder where mxd file is saved. 2. Set the workspace in geoprocessing as Texas.gdb. 3. Then clean the temp folders from ArcHydro App Utilities. 4. Set the Default Target locations in the App Utilities of ArcHydro files. 5. Used project raster tool to a new projected system and the files are shown to be saved in Texas.gdb which is assigned in the workspace. Tool runs and gives the green tick but file is missing When i run the tool without any of these steps and save the raster in the folder, it works. Does this mean rasters cant be saved inside geodatabase? Thanks in advance, maya
  10. Hello all, I am trying to project a raster dem file using tool project raster in ArcMap 10.3. The tool runs and gives the green tick showing it is complete. But I don't find the output file in Table of contents/catalog or see any changes in the display. Neither I find the results in the folder where it shows as saved. Why is it so? Could someone tell what am i missing? Thanks, Maya
  11. Thanks YaqubMughal It worked when i projected ratser
  12. Hello all, WGS_1984_Transverse _Mercator is the current Spatial reference of the raster layer. I want this to be changed into RT 90 25 Gon W spatial reference. I tried from the Arc Catalog (Properties and editing the spatial reference). But after closing, still sows the old spatial reference as the reference unit. Why is it so? How could this be fixed ? Thanks a lot, Maya
  13. Hello all, I am trying to add an S-shaped curve using Raster calculator In ArcMap. It has to be a decreasing one starting from 250 and ending at 1250. The start value corresponding to 250 has to be 1 and end value corresponding to 1250 has to be 0. Please drop in your comments Maya
  14. Hello all, i would like to add a sigmoidal function to create a factor map In Arcmap. The function has to decrease with increase in values. For example: The suitability should be 1 for a distance of 250m and then it should decrease as a cosine function till 1250m. 250 m has highest suitability value 1 and it decreases to 0 for distances more than 1250m Could someone explain how to do this using raster calculator? Thanks for the help, Maya
  15. Raster.tif into ascii format

    Thank you Lurker I was not able to do the conversions since my files had some problems with projections as you said.

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