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  1. Hello, It worked after restarting arcmap again. Thanks all
  2. Hello, I was doing some operation like euclidean distance over shape file and then some raster calculator in the model of ArcMap 10.4.1. Every sequential operations like finding the euclidean distance followed by reclassifying the distances and then applying some conditional formulaes using raster calculator all worked well. BUt when i ckecked the pixel value using tool Identify, it shows as no value. But the range of value shown in the resulting raster is correct. WHat could be the reason for this? Please help me guys. I did so many operations and when i finally checked all
  3. Hello all, I built corridors between core forests using the "Linkage mapper"(https://circuitscape.org/linkagemapper/) which is a tool that could be used in ArcGIS. But the final corridor image is a raster file with values based on the eqaution: Normlaised least cost corridor value = Cost weighted distance from core forest A + Cost weighted distance from core forest B - COst weighted distance accumlated moving along the ideal path (least cost path) connecting the core forests A and B. I wanted to limit the width of corridors using some simple logic but since the values in the cor
  4. Thank so much for the fast answer! It helped me In the last step where we divide by 100, we also need to define the answer has to be in float, otherwise it assumes as integer and give answer as 0 and 1: Float("Myras")/100 /Maya
  5. Hello all, How can i round the raster pixel values with 5 decimals to just 2 decimals in ArcGIS. I tried the round down and it converted the raster into an integer file which is not what i want. I want to make a value like 1.00469 to 1.00 or a value like 0.93589 to 0.94 etc. Thanks, Maya
  6. Maya007

    Viewshed 2

    Helo, Can someone explain difference between viewshed and viewshed2 in ArcMap? When i tried to run the Viewshed 2 tool, i got my results as a raster with just one value 1. Why is it so`? Any comments? Thanks, Maya
  7. Maya007

    Viewshed tool

    Hello all, I want to study the visibility of wind mills or the areas of land which can see the tall wind mills. I know the locations of the wind mills. I just need to check which all places on the land can see the windmill. I have the dem raster file of the terrain. I also have tree heights and building heights in the study area. When i use the viewshed tool, it asks for raster file which is the dem file and then observer points. In this case what are the observer points ? Thanks , Maaya
  8. Maya007

    OWA in GIS

    Hello again, Does someone know how to use OWA or ordered weighted averaging method in GIS as a multi criteria method? Thanks, Maaya.
  9. A basic question here What are the differences between spatial analyst and 3d analyst tools? I see tools in these two formats for example : Hillshade available as 3d and spatial analyst. Which is best and when is it to be used? Thanks Maaya
  10. Hello all, Can someone help me with the multi criteria evaluation to select a suitable site for wind farms using TOPSIS in GIS? I see mostly AHP method being used to find weights of factors, i want to use some other method instead of AHP to find factor weights. Please add in your suggestions :) Thanks in advance, Maya
  11. Thanks Elman Mosaic to new raster also worked for me. I ll try this one too Thanks again, Maaya
  12. Hello, I need to combine two overlapping raster layers. I would like the resulting map to get the values such that it takes the higher values from any of those two layers. For example:If one map has a value of 0.8 and other has 0.1 at same point then i would like the final map to get a value of 0.8 from the first map. How could this be done in arcmap? Can someone help me with it? Thanks a lot, Maaya
  13. Hello all, I am trying viewshed in ArcMap 10.3.1. The tool actually worked so fast before last two days and now it has slow down and it takes more than 12 hours to reach the results. Why is it so? Did someone have this problem with Viewshed tool? What could be the reasons for slowing down? How to fix this? Thanks for the help, Maya
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