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Raster.tif into ascii format


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I was trying to use IDRISI with GIS files. For this i need to convert raster file in .tif format into ASCII to import into IDRISI. Can someone tell me how this could be done. I tried the tool raster to ascii but got error message saying output file is empty.

Could someone tell me why is it so and what should be done.

Thanks a lot,


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Raster Conversion from ArcGIS into IDRISI

There are multiple ways to accomplish this task, one of the simplest being to use the ‘Raster to ASCII’ tool in ArcGIS to

generate an ASCII file from the Arc grid image, and then import into IDRISI with the ARCRASTER importing tool

specifying the ‘ArcInfo ASCII to Raster’ setting. 

Alternatively you can opt to export the Arc grid file as an ERDAS Imagine file (*.img) and then import that file into IDRISI. 

To do this use the  export function in the ArcGIS environment, right click the grid file and select Data> Export Data.

Here specify the format for the image to be exported as *.img.  Select any other settings that are necessary for your file. 

Now in the folder you specified for the output location you should have a *.img file.  Moving to the IDRISI environment,

set that folder where the *.img file is stored as your resource folder and the folder you want to be storing your working

data in as your working folder.  Go to File> Import> Software Specific Files> ERDAS.  Choose you *.img file and give it an

output name.  Press OK.  Once the conversion is complete you will see your *.rst file in your working folder.


If you still have problems importing raster formats, including tif, you should try using the GDAL interface in IDRISI. Tif in
particular, comes in many different flavours and can be problematic. Also, before you use GDAL, make sure you get the
latest drivers from the clark website - http://clarklabs.org/support/gdal.cfm

Follow the directions in the Help on configuring GDAL within IDRISI. If you still problems with GDAL and IDRISI imports,

consider saving the data in another format and ensure that the datatype of the imported data is supported by IDRISI. 

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