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eCognition Developer - PC configuration for high performance


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Hello !


I would like to know what would be the best and the medium PC configuration required to run eCognition Developer in good performance.


I read on eCognition forum that this software needs a lot of RAM memory, especially when we use the Multiresolution segmentation algorithm (MRS). It also needs a good CPU and plenty of hard drive space on the computer.

These problems can be solved by using eCognition Server, but most of us have a crack license only for eCognition Developer.

So we are limited to the performance of our PC's.


I am looking to buy a new PC and I would like to know what would be the best configuration to run eCognition Developer in good performance.

Can you give me some general tips ?

What CPU to use (Intel, AMD, Gz) ? Mainboard, the type and the RAM producer ? HDD or SSD ? :huh:

My budget: @1500 USD (without the LCD monitor or any other peripherals parts)


Thanks, my friends !


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PC configuration should not depend on one software. We always have open source alternatives if we cannot afford. Proprietary software are designed with performance keeping in mind, cracks are not. So we shouldn't expect high performance from these cracked software. Just my 2 cent.


As recommendation I will go for these

1. i-series <=5th generation Intel processor, multi-cpu if possible

2. >=DD3 RAM as many as you can 

3. SSD on top of HDD highly recommended 

4. good PSU and power backup for long running operations

5. any decent nVidia card

6. a dual-monitor setup and a comfortable chair 

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I have just replaced my 320 GB HDD-drive 5400 rpm with a 240 SSD from ADATA in my leptop.

Now the multiresolution segmentation algorithm in eCognition Developper is working better, is much more faster and the maximum image size to process has increased from 4000x4000 pixels to 7000x7000 pixels (I am using the same CPU and RAM configuration).


So, now i see that SSD's are more efficient thant classic HDD's.



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