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How to combine/mosaic rasters (geotiffs)


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Hej all,

I want to combine two georeferenced rasterfiles. One rasterfile should be in background, the ohter smaller image should lay over the background image. In ArcGIS I've tried combine, composite, mosaic and other tools without success. When I used this methods I get only a one channel image. I want to combine to one image (e.g. geotiff) that have two channels that each present one of the input images, so that I can assign color ramp to overlap region like the linked screeshot below. I know I could export the map, but I need the combined image in same dimensions and projection like inputs for further processing with other software. I also tried other tools in qgis, saga, grass and matlab but also without desired result.






Thanks in advance!


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@Lurker: Yes, I want to stack the rasters, both images have one band.


@Capricorn: I've tried Composite Bands, and I get a two channel image, but I'm not able to asssign colorramps for both bands separately. When I assign colorramp to overlaying band, the other band will not displayed (see attached image)



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