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Orbit GT releases Orbit Softcopy version 11

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Orbit Softcopy brings the complex techniques of stereo mapping down to common use, on every desktop. It enables the user to perform any stereo mapping operation, while having access to all GIS functionalities such as object editing, object inspection, symbolics, and access to corporate resources on a central server.  This release puts stereo imagery as a standard and easiy available source of mapping data within your organization.


Version 11 delivers an extremely smooth import workflow for all stereo projects: just complete the required steps based on EO file, Calibration Report, and Imagery and your mapping job can be started.  Navigate seamlessly in stereo, without the need to select a single stereo couple, but use the Orbit standard all-in-one mapping environment.  Version 11 includes a complete cover of GIS integrated mapping tools (e.g. rotation, editing, selection, construction lines, etc.).  With the seamless connectivity between 2D view and stereo view, it redefines the standard way of vectorization, syncing 2D and stereo instantly and providing access to the 2D and stereo interactive tools simultaneously.  This provides an extremely fast production workflow : Map in  stereo, edit in 2D, attribuate as in GIS.


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Any one has the retail installers for Orbit Mobile mapping software: (Content manager, Feature Extraction, Advanced Feature extraction Bundle and Publisher..etc)


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