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ftp server link tutorial(steps) required


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Hi friends


Can any plz share me the steps for creating ftp server link as i have get the data from India to ksa..


So i need to create an ftp server link..


I created in my pc for a specified folder , i can open it in my machine that link but when i give it to my friend to access , he is not able to see to anythings


I'm looking for the solution  


I'm using windows 8.1 

Plz do help me



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I started with Serv-U v 6.4 and now I'm with v14.0.2 for more then a year.
What is good for all the versions, I just install over the previous version and all the settings is preserved.
Even when I change PC, I copy "c:\Serv-U\" folder from the PC where it is installed (this is where I install it) and then make a fresh install in the same folder.

This is a link for v15.0.1.2
I haven't tried this one yet. I'm too lazy to install latest versions lately.

I was using DYNDNS for virtual host for years, now when it is not free I use no-IP.
Create account and download Dynamic Update Client.
Register free domain.

Now, if you have your home network, and you probably do, go to router configuration and make access reservation for your main (server) PC, for example:
  ID    MAC Address    Reserved IP Address    Status    Modify
  1    14-DA-E9-4A-6A-D2    Enabled    Modify Delete
  2    98-0D-2E-3A-D3-E2    Enabled    Modify Delete
  3    F4-0B-93-17-50-94    Enabled    Modify Delete
  4    24-0A-64-86-CA-15    Enabled    Modify Delete
It is enough to reserve only ID 1. On my PC ID 2 is my laptop, ID 3 & 4 my smart phones. Next addresses are automatic for guests :)


Now do some port forwarding to your main PC, for example:

  1    80    80    TCP    Enabled    Modify Delete
  2    21    21    TCP    Enabled    Modify Delete
  3    3389    3389    ALL    Enabled    Modify Delete
  4    5432    5432    ALL    Enabled    Modify Delete



1=HTTP (for your web server - if you have one)

2=FTP (for your FTP server)

3=remote desktop (you can try it without FTP server to see if no-ip client works)



Now you can install Dynamic Update Client.

You can test it with remote desktop.

If your no-ip domain is for example http://adnan.no-ip.biz/, then connect from laptop to your server (with Dynamic Update Client installed) using your no-ip domain name, not IP address. Just type adnan.no-ip.biz in RDP window, and your PC password. Of course, you firstly enabled RDP on your desktop/server PC.


Now you can install Serv-U, or it is already installed.

After patching, double click Serv-U icon in task bar (if the first time the window is empty, close it and do it again - Serv-U had that minor bug). Go to Manage Domain -> Create new domain.

Name it as you wish, like "Adnan Domain" and in Domain Home Directory put "\".

This will allow you to see all your partitions, even USB drives, when you access your PC from some other, far away location. Before you are able to do that, create your accont in Serv-U, like "adnan":

Navigation -> Users -> Domain Users.

In home directory put "/". This settings is only for you, so don't give your Serv-U account details to anyone, or you will give him full control over your files.


Now create directory, for example c:\FTP. This will be the place for all the files you share with other users.

Now create another, limited account, for example "Alma", give it a password and in Domain Home Directory put "C:\FTP". This is the only place she could see and download from (or upload to, if allow that for her account).


I hope you can follow me so far.

There are also many more configuration options, but these are the most important.

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