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Sneak Peak QGIS 2.6

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Independent Grid (Print Composer)





Grids in the print composer can now be added independent of the projection of the map, and you can add as many grids you could possibly want.


Colour Picker





The standard colours can be edited in the settings ( Settings – Options ). Not only can you add and remove colours, you can also name them to your content. Your personal standard colours can then be shared by import/export functions (GIMP Palette *.gpl).


Python Parser




If you are writing Python script that runs automatically when a project is opened, saved or closed, you will now get additional help with row numbers and a syntax parser.


Geometry precision for QGIS Server




This is important for all who use QGIS Server and projected coordinate systems. By setting a limited number of decimals in the coordinate you can significantly reduce the bandwidth for the requests.





BTW can' wait till 24- 10 - 2014 , QGIS 2.6


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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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