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Point Clouds to Surface


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Hello Everyone, 


I am now working on a project that requires me to extract surface from point cloud data gathered with FARO, can someone share insights on how to do this the easy way.



Right now, what am I doing is digitize this point clouds through Bentley Microstation. It's tiresome, so can anyone share process or software I can use that automatically recognize features such as walls and support columns.



Thanks in advance.



:D  :D  :D

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Yes, here's a reference, 




We need to extract its dimension, like detailed engineering design, and to do so we need to make the surface first, from outside to inside. Maybe a tool that will let us build its inner and outer surface automatically will be of great help. 

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  Mr. roycastanares


You can use some workflows, for example:


1. Automatic surfacing http://www.geomagic.com/en/community/videos/geomagic-studio-2013-automatic-surfacing/

2. Exact surfacing http://www.geomagic.com/en/community/videos/geomagic-studio-12-exact-surfaces/

3. Other approach is followed:

a. You have to create mesh

b. You can use repotology techniques,  for example:




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The data I have now is in .pts .pod or .xyz extension.  I've seen some software like meshlab, geomagic, etc. Can you recommend one that will suit in extracting parts of a building. Like extracting window/ walls and columns, thanks.


I'm beta testing http://www.LidarToDxf.com, it may or may not do what you want.

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