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hi friends

i have made soil , geology and geomorhology using empty shapefileand i want calculate the length in km2

after reclassingthese in to 5 classes when am going to calculate length using calculate geometry is not highlighted..

can any1 plz tell me how it to be cal culate...


i haven't made personal geodatabase direct i have taken shape file and digitised

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hi brother (yousuf)

If am not wrong,actually it was in vector, i converted it to raster to classify them in 5 categories but am unable to see polygon only value,count are been seen..accoding to ur statement in the previous msg dat

multiply Count * area of your raster cell size

but area from where to get

plz explain in detail ...will be thankful to u...am pending with thematic maps

plz help

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the concept of raster

each raster consists of cells which are rectangle. the area of a rectangle = length * width

so the area of a cell = length * width = X * Y

you have 5 classes, in the table of content of the raster you have, it has been determined that every class has how many cell in there = Count

so, if you multiply Count of cells in each class in Area of the cell you will have AREA,

note that, the x and y are in meters or centimeter in order to correct calculating

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