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Programming in ArcGIS Desktop (VB.NET, VB & VBA)

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This link is not working so please give any active link

http//gisarea.s110.rapidbaz.com/premium/7bc317f555260be48b7398577ee639c7/503712e1/s110.us./33037792?Basic ArcObjects VBA Code Samples.zip

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I am New to ArcGIS and VBA. I want to add my digitised .mxd file in a Visual basic apllication so please help me how can I do that and how can i make queries based on the layers and features.

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Hi, need opinion all u guys

currently using VS 2008 with ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit 10, after compile and running the application on ArcGIS Engine 10 its work fine but after upgrading to ArcGIS Engine 10.1, the application cant run and error as below:


Stopped working

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

Problem Signature 01: apps.exe

Problem Signature 02:

Problem Signature 03: 5051b6e5

Problem Signature 04: Microsoft.VisualBasic

Problem Signature 05:

Problem Signature 06: 4ca2d138

Problem Signature 07: 6c

Problem Signature 08: 46

Problem Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException

OS Version: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 17417

Could someone tell me what is happening here, thanks.



Microsoft Solution for solving!



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 iam new in proraming Gis10.2.2  with visual basic 2012 .  i need code for


1- sent point from Gis to visual basic as as array

2-snt point from visual basic to Gis


thank for help

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Hussein Nasser's videos are very useful, But they are not of those great open source ones.

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