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Hotspot Analysis Tool in ArcGIS 10

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Hi all,

Whenever I try to run the Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*) tool, I find an error icon of red circle with a cross inside, on the extreme top left and next to the Input Feature Class. The circle is found as soon as the tool window opens and even before I put in anything.

If I ignore this icon, put int eh required parameters and click OK, an error window appears, just containing a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside.


width=520 height=291http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t403/essentialpk/Picture2.jpg[/img]

Can any one please advise how I can overcome this problem. I assume there might be some problem with the software settings, but not sure what is causing this conflict.

Best regards.


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based from my experience, you have to check if the dataset type is supported.

usually, getis ord - general g stat incorporates POINT DATA with a SINGLE FIELD from which to base the computations.

so if you are working with polygon data , you may reduce them to centroids, classify that data, link the results to the polygon ,and symbolize, although it is unorthodox,XD

anyway, if you think it is a software probelm, try a repair, if not , a clean reinstall.

make sure the extension is active, too.

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Thanx to all who have replied. Infact, after searching varoius sources that such like problems may also arise because of improper installation of python. So I gave it a try, and re-installed python from the installation DVD and BINGO------ All spatial statistics tools are working fine.

SO for any one facing similar problems, my suggestion will be to re-install python as one of the first attempted solutions.

Best regards.

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