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Production Mapping - Topo North Arrow element

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I have been researching this problem I'm facing all morning.

I figure it is either very complicated or way to simple and I'm not seeing it.

I want to change the default appearance of the Topo North Arrow element and the US National Grid Reference Box element.

I know I can convert to graphic, but I would like to keep it dynamic.

All I have found in my research, was the 9.2 old dialog box, where the color could be change.

Moderator please move this post if it's in the wrong location. 

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Well I wanted the option of the color I want to use, I can do it, but I have to convert it to a graphic. Also maybe changing the arrow or T.N. symbols.

hem, all adjustment is on the properties, but dynamic picture have limitation, its depend on what adjustment do you want exactly.

I tend to use north arrow without N symbol, since my country use U, and append it manually


The "U" is the p[perfect example to why it should be easy to make change to the topo north arrow.

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