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  1. Well I wanted the option of the color I want to use, I can do it, but I have to convert it to a graphic. Also maybe changing the arrow or T.N. symbols. The "U" is the p[perfect example to why it should be easy to make change to the topo north arrow.
  2. I have been researching this problem I'm facing all morning. I figure it is either very complicated or way to simple and I'm not seeing it. I want to change the default appearance of the Topo North Arrow element and the US National Grid Reference Box element. I know I can convert to graphic, but I would like to keep it dynamic. All I have found in my research, was the 9.2 old dialog box, where the color could be change. Moderator please move this post if it's in the wrong location.
  3. New to this site, this forum will be of great help.
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