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Apple unleashes iOS-loving OS X Mountain Lion preview for Macs


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just watch on my twitter this day, for mac lovers, this is the big news  :shocked:

Apple today released a developer preview of the next version of OS X, 'Mountain Lion'. Scheduled for release to the public later this year, the new OS signifies another huge step toward bringing iOS and OS X together, closing the gap between the firm's mobile devices and its computers.

some nice point of this release :

Nice things for end users include a Messages app, Notes, Reminders, Game Center, Notification Center, Share Sheets (these make it easy to share links, photos and videos directly from Apple and third party apps), Twitter integration and -- very likely to become hugely popular, support for AirPlay mirroring.


For developers, Apple is introducing a host of API's which promise new levels of gaming and multimedia excitement. These include new access to new core technologies within the OS, with a particular slant toward games development:

-- The Game Kit APIs tap into the same services as Game Center on iOS, making it possible to create multiplayer games that work across Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

-- A new graphics infrastructure underpins OpenGL and OpenCL and implements GLKit, first introduced in iOS 5, to make it easier to create OpenGL apps.

-- Using Core Animation in Cocoa apps is easier than ever.

-- New video APIs deliver modern 64-bit replacements for low-level QuickTime APIs.

-- Enhanced Multi-Touch APIs give developers double-tap zoom support and access to the system-wide lookup gesture.

The other big news in the release is that its build for iCloud, so you can easily set-up and use your apps. Does this suggest Apple may also enable use of some iOS apps on the Mac? That's hard to predict, but perhaps some kind of cross-implementation is possible.

With over 100 million iCloud users already, Mountain Lion uses your Apple ID to automatically set up Contacts, Mail, Calendar, Messages, FaceTime and Find My Mac. Documents changes are pushed to all your devices so they are always up to date. Developers will get APIs to make their apps work with iCloud.

source : Computerworld blog

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I'm running ML now, it's really great. Unlike Windows developer previews, Mac OSX previews generally work. They have some features I've been missing on Lion so, so bad.

Only thing missing now is a proper GIS app for Mac OSX... Sure some are around but nothing like FME, GlobalMapper, ERDAS and ESRI equivalents so far.  :cry:

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i think the same , but many people is developing GIS apps and mac user are very limit with GIS world...


It's ever growing though, but it's held back because there are (virtually) no (non-open source) apps for mac so everyone sticks with windows. I think that if there are a few proper apps on mac that it will quickly catch on. And I think it's a nice way to reach out to more people (making GIS and RS more accessible to people that are unfamiliar with it, normal consumers but also people from other science areas).

Also I think that Mac OSX is a more stable platform than Windows is (metro interface, for example).

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