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ArcGIS Stylesheet help!!!


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First of all, Happy New Year.

          I want to use custom stylesheet for some tools in ArcGIS. I searched and found the following link.


I exactly followed the instructions but I can't even get the very first step described in the link working-i.e. changing the background image of the tool. I can't even make my tool to read default "MdDlgContent.xsl". i.e. at least if I use this stylesheet for my tool then it should display esri.gif as the background image that is present in the mentioned folder by default.

After giving tool the path of my modified MdDlgContent.xsl stylesheet the tool dialogue box opens like before-no change at all. I then found SSContent.xsl in the same mentioned link. I tried to use that and changed the paths and names w.r.t my PC. This time, tool dialogue box didn't even open with no errors.

Any Ideas???

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Yaar, I tried all 3 methods and definitely I made sure that the path in XSL for each method is correct and that the image is present at the defined path.

I also tried to use the default MdDlgContent.xsl file with no change at all so that it should display esri.gif in the tool dialogue but it isn't showing even the esri logo. So this way I am sure that issue isn't with the path or filetype. :evil:

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:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

After wasting whole week looking into XML XSL HTML Javascript, I just found that Background Image Variable is defined in  XSL; Later in Javascript in the line where this variable is to be used is commented out by default and esri faggots didn't mentioned this little problem in the tutorial. I even posted this on esri forum and sent them feedback for support but to no avail. You don't know how much I want to use abusive language for ESRI ppl but ........... :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: 


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