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Attribute table string cell size limit


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Guys, i need some help. I have a shapefile and an excel spreadsheet. I joined the xls, and opened the attrib table. The joined text type cell sizes reduced from the original to 254 char. I used google, and i've found, that a shapefile string cell can contain only 254 char. Ok, i thought, i make a geodatabase, and i will join the table to the shape with a "relationship class".

I opened the shape in the ArcMap and used identify tool, and i saw the related data. BUT, the string cells only showing 254 chars...

The second thing, the identify tool isn't kool, i can't see the full contain of the cell, can't resize. Anyone know plugin to open attrib table with options, resize, on!off cells etc.

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Esri "Ask a cartographer" wrote to my question:

You can create text fields greater than 255 characters using file geodatabases.

1. First, create a new file geodatabase then create a new feature class.

2. Add a text field as part of the creation of the new feature class and specify the length of text strings should be 400 (or whatever the maximum is that you require).

3. Then, using your original layer, convert labels to annotation and choose to append them to an existing feature class (the one created above). 

4. Export the attribute table of the feature class and you can then copy the labels from your spreadsheet into the text field of your attribute table in Excel, save the resulting table and then Join back to the feature class.

This confused meh. I have a source spreadsheet, and i wanted to join that to a feature class. I tested that: created an FGDB, new feature class with text ffield, 1500 char , and joined the excel spreadsheet.  With field calculator copied the one field of the joined data to the 1500 char long field. The joined field shows only 255 char max., and the copied shows that 255 too. I thought, maybe the joined data is longer than 255 char, only showing 255, but no, the join command cut the input fields to 255....

seriously, it's not good..

ps.: 3dbu > xtools identifier only showing data. I have problem with joining data over 255 char. (f.e.: join a long description to a geological unit). That xtools command isnt good for meh.

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