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Which range of ndvi values exhibit the dense vegetative cover?

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Can someone help me regarding ndvi values. I want to detect change in vegetative cover in two different images of the same area. Both images are of the same month but of different years. First image related to dry year whereas second image related to good rainfall year. How I can compare the both images and detect the change.

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based on my experience, NDVI value is scene dependent, so it highly affected by the vegetation reflectance itself, angle of incoming irradiance, and atmosphere condition, so when you compared two images from different year, the value range of dense vegetation probably different, you can do LUT color mapping in ENVI and visual interpretation to aid the classification process,

to compare the difference, you can use change detection tool from ENVI in menu Basic Tools>Change Detection>Compute Difference map, you can also calculate the differences statistics from that tool

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