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Ozi explorer maps to Geotiff

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Hi everyone!

I donloaded a bunch of maps about a region. The format is that > there are xxxx.map and xxxx.oc3x files. The map file sotring the projections, etc. the oc3x is the raster data. Anyone know any program, which can convert this files to geotiffs? Or, from an another aspect, have anyone plugin for arcgis, to read that filetype? I've found that:


There is a small source code, i registrated, but i need to upload anything source code, to download that file. Any idea about that or a converter plugin? Waiting for your responses:)


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hum you need to upload something to get that stuff ? am I correct ?

btw, I just make some search, and strange is there is no oc3x file associated with ozi

and i saw in their sites, that, ozi can use raster like tiff or jpeg, with map file as a descriptor

regards, MOD

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Hi Lurk'r!

Yeah, ya right. I uploaded a fake, stolen source code, to download the converter. ( Mewhahah) My source maps are in two files, one is xxx.map and the other (i wrote before wrong), is xxx.ozfx3.

I used google, how the hell can i convert from ozfx3 > anything, but nothing...


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ahahahaha, thats why I cant find those file extension  :laugh:, you have mistype those extension

okey, I found this one, sound promising :




enjoy, hehehehe  :kiss:

tell me your result  :laugh:

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Lurker, yeah, i've found that too. There is a problem with that converter: it's converting only the raster data to png, but the text file (the file with .map extension) wont change. If i open the converted png file, arcgis shows it wothout projection, because the projection file isnt openable by arcgis....

..i want to test the source code,  what i downloaded from the pudn.com website. It's convertion that ozi map format to geotif. If i tested it, i will write the process step by step.


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hey, I found interesting post in gpsunderground forum, here is the quote :

What I found:It really knows OziExplorer format, including OZFX3. I was able to convert my OZFX3 format map to geotiff, which opened in QLandkarte GT. Interesting is, that I was unsuccessful with PNG + MAP (TIF was created, but QLandkarte GT reported "No georeference information found").

My success with OZFX3 + MAP -> geotiff:

D:\mapy\APPS\MOBAC\atlases\Les3Vallees_2011-02-17_155140\Les3Vallees>gdal_translate -of GTiff "Les3Vallees 13_ozf.map" Les3V_OZI.tif

Input file size is 1280, 2048

0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...1 00 - done.

That means: If someone has a map only in OZFX3 format, he can perform a batch, consisting of

1) conversion from OZFX3 to geotiff using gdal_translate

2) conversion from geotiff to JNX using map2jnx

Currently no program is able to convert OZFX3 to JNX directly, including MAPC2MAPC.

roger47: I read MAPC2MAPC.NET is able to read ECW, if some GDAL library is present. Maybe it would be possible to incorporate also OZFX3 format using GDAL and then to allow direct conversion into JNX without extra step. What do you mean about that, please?

kiozen, Whiter: As I have GDAL1.8 environment ready, I tried map2jnx from kiozen, but it reported: "The procedure entry point H5Gopen could not be located in the dynamic link library hdf5dll.dll."

That DLL is part of GDAL. That message comes always, no matter on input map format.

Whiter, when you compiled map2jnx, did you need also GDAL libs for that compilation? If yes, do you know the GDAL version? It's true, that QLandkarte depends on FWTools, which are not available with GDAL 1.8, BUT: For standallone running of map2jnx you don't need FWTools nor QLandkarte. So if map2jnx would run with GDAL 1.8, then it could enable direct conversion from OZFX3 to JNX.


here :




enjoy mate  :laugh:

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Oi oi!

Thx for an university teacher, i've found the best way to convert/project Ozi map files (ozfx3/ozf2)

1. get Global Mapper 12 (the ver. 11 have some bug, that i've found. Developers published patches, but i think v.12 is the best)

2. File menu > Batch convert/project option

3. set source format > target format > target file infos (name, projection (if ya want to set a new one), etc.)

4. Enjoy!

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