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What's New in ArcPad 10.0.2

ArcPad 10.0.2 is now available. It extends customization options and annotation capabilities, simplify tasks, and increase access to key geographic data.

Enhanced Customization Capabilities—Add, delete, or modify standard ArcPad tools more easily. You can create a custom ArcPad toolbar or multiple toolbars for various projects and tasks within the ArcPad environment. As in previous versions, you may still extend customization further by using ArcPad Studio to add custom tools that contain scripted actions and behavior.

Improved Graphics Layer and Support for Annotation Targets—ArcGIS map annotation groups are now exported as individual graphics layers. You can expect better matching of text and geometry symbols between the ArcPad graphics layers and ArcGIS Desktop. You also have the ability to choose to export all annotation groups at once with the Get Data for ArcPad wizard or export one annotation group at a time with the Export Graphics Layer For ArcPad tool.

Shortcut to Create ArcPad Apps—Create a shortcut to launch ArcPad projects from the desktop or Today (main menu) screen. You can also choose to launch ArcPad with only your custom toolbars, not the standard (default) toolbars.

Updated Help System—The ArcPad help system has been improved with new topics and enhancements to existing menus and features.

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How to use intermediate gps driver with Arcpad?

I have download ArcPad 10 and could successfully install it in my Windows PC and Windows Mobile (in mobile phone: Sony Ericsson).

However, i could not get my built-in GPS in Sony Ericsson work with the ArcPad. I tried to surf the internet and found one post at http://forums.esri.com/thread.asp?c=...=294332#917964 stated that ArcPad could work with intermediate GPS driver (but there is no detailed instruction).

Could anyone give help me with this problem? Because I am in the process of testing ArcPad 10 for my GIS project.

Thanks a lot in advance, and hope someone could help me out...


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