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  2. Do we have any Web API to calculate volume from a DSM .tiff image or any other format files? we are looking similar to this video.
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  5. The same here. I am looking what's new from time to time, but it looks too seldom.
  6. Alluvial Diamond Deposits

    Hi Paolo Are you asking (or your employer) miracles from remote sensing, and especially with free resources, like LandSat. Have you check the cloud coverage in your target area ? You can identify only favorable areas (alluvial fields like meanders, cone shapes, etc). At the Landsat resolution will be difficult..... Then, quatre quatre pieds, meaning foots on the ground and sampling. It is a long process painful lounge and expensive: collect around 200 l of alluvial, concentrate by panning, then carefully observe the heavy minerals associations. A lot of samples like this...... Observation there in the field and also in specialized and expensive laboratories (they are experts specialized in heavy minerals microscopy). I am sure you know all these..... You can have/or not diamonds, or kimberlite indicator minerals. Keep in mind that perhaps only one of ten kimberlites bodies is "pregnant" with diamonds Regards, Iulian
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  8. Alluvial Diamond Deposits

    Hi all, I need your help on identify alluvial diamond deposits using remote sensing. Does anyone have knowledge on this topic? Some of the question I have: - What minerals should I look for when the target is alluvial diamonds deposits (kimberlite could also be a target)? - Can anyone guide me on the steps required for identify those on a Landsat-8 scene? Thank you very much Regards Paulo
  9. Hi all, I am new to Remote Sensing and Analisys and starting to learn using ENVI. I need your help on defining the initial steps for pre-processing a Landsat-8 scene for spectral analisys using ENVI 5.1 What is your advise? Thank you in advance Regards Paulo Matos
  10. land viewer

    I just saw your screenshoot on that case, you need to re-georeference and fix that
  11. land viewer

    Looks like the images are not georeferenced (no worldfile) or the projection does not match the worldfile. If you are using ArcGIS, this should help: http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/manage-data/raster-and-images/fundamentals-for-georeferencing-a-raster-dataset.htm
  12. land viewer

    and this is with basemap - arcgis basemap arcgis
  13. land viewer

    hello... tihis is the screenshot the river does not match thanks for the advice...
  14. How to convert Garmin IMG file into shapefile format

    Any update on conversion for Garmin NT maps
  15. land viewer

    could you give us screenshot, between the downloaded dem and the other data that mismatch, in layer please so we can see the difference
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  17. land viewer

    you can display the information in some gis software and load some free coverage as a way, if the information is correct, the spatial reference of the base information is the one that makes a difference.
  18. land viewer

    ok, thanks.... cell size (X,Y) 4.7773143, 4.77736143 16 bits spatial reference WGS_1984_Pseudo_Mercator Linear unit meter (1,0000) Angular unit degree (0,0174532925199433) Datum D_WGS_1984 False easting and false northing 0
  19. land viewer

    please describe those DEM data you have download. and actually complete data would be consist of metadata , in there you can see the details of projection, datum and soon my suspect would be projection mismatch,
  20. land viewer

    Hello... I downloaded dem (5m) from land viewer (hxxps://lv.eosda.com), and do not fit with basemap, or other satellite images, not even reproyectando them ... :( Any suggestions ?? change xx to tt
  21. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    hahaha LOL I bet next time your boss will never buy ugly and bulky Mac again I bought Dell precision workstation mobile and HP Z240 workstation desktop for my office nice performance for workstation Z240 setup with multiple remote desktop access, now all people in my office can run modelling simultaneously
  22. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    same , i didnt buy any of those expensive $H#t with a 3 grand budget for macbook from the company I instead bought a 17 inch Alienware gaming rig lappy i7 proc, Nvidia GTX 8gig vram, chucked in 32 gig RAM memory, dual booted Mac OSX Mountain Lion then printed an giant Apple Sticker to hide the alien head ;). now my boss was wondering why my macbook pro looks bulky and huge .
  23. Help with Landsat 5 TM 8-Day NDVI Composite

    I guess the 8day term is not refer to the temporal resolution of landsat, but it is more to 8 acquisition of images covering same path/row composited together
  24. ArcGIS Pro in Mac OS X

    else, you can ask your workplace to procure some, that is what we always do, xixixixixi
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