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  2. Hi community , i have a doubt , i need made a script in phyton that read a folder with 4800 raster in tif format, each raster is month and i need sum by month and year , i made a model builder for iterate just 12 raster x year and sum all, but my problem begin when i want to create a scripts that sum per year all raster and generate a raster for each year that summarized all raster for each month per year, in total are 40 year of data .... Anyone could give a idea for made that script completely in phyton, all idea are welcome. reagards .3dbu
  3. yeah more over if you only have 8 GB RAM or less , it is not useful using 64 bit background processing.
  4. I would move there, The Dekstop is heavier on Process.
  5. nice, exactly what happened to me, dunno why but i works fine only some minor like create new feature (tracing) it seems slower.
  6. Hi baobab and welcome on board ! darksabersan.
  7. Hi all, just joined the forum! Best regards
  8. Probable the best free of charge radar data would be from Sentinel-1. You can get them here.
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  10. Once I wrote a tutorial about it in GISArea and CG.
  11. I am not sure if you are worried that the operation is slow or the CPU usage is low. ArcGIS is a 32-bit single-threaded application. It cannot use more than 4GB RAM and 1-core at a time. You can try 64-bit background geoprocessing to use more RAM. To use more CPU you can try three thing, try the python console. See this link split your data into 4 part and run the same operation in 4 instances of ArcGIS at the same time. This will use 4 core at a time. ArcGIS Desktop doesn't support distribute operation (I think, like 3DS Max), you'll need to do it all by hand, find some other application who can do the same thing with better speed (ie. 64bit QGIS, Anaconda, R).
  12. This is the best way to avoid general failure on your system and blue screen.. darksabersan.
  13. The second way is to use VB Scripts which allows you to have full control and work perfectly by combining Lurker link and this one. darksabersan.
  14. Skip Desktop, go to Pro if you want fast results from your scripts!
  15. multiple column in one symbol is possible using categories symbolsbut for this specific design, I think you need to design it and make a symbol in arcgis
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  17. Hi, everyone! I need a piece of advise how to make label that includes information of 2 columns divided by horizontal line and white circle for the background in ArcGIS. It should be like this image. The shape I'm trying to label is polygon.
  18. I'm working with ArcGIS 10.4.1, I didn't download and install ArcGIS 10.5 yet but I'll do that. ArcGIS 10.4.1 it was very good for me, I'v enough satisfaction of 10.4.1 version.
  19. if you get your CPU almost 100%, then your computer will be freeze this happen when I run PIX4D process drone data and forgot to set multi core setup (usually I release 1 core and the rest of core for processing)
  20. Believe me, you wouldn't like to see 99% Then you will not be able even to surf on Internet. I had such experience while rendering in 3ds Max. These are the moments when I realize that my CPU fan has another gear
  21. Could use any open source for share GIS data like web server or something like that for made the share ...regards
  22. Thank you dear Lurker
  23. I am back . Need access to software section. Will be regular Thanks T0r0
  24. see this, and you will understand how ESRI really bad in this implementation
  25. also CPU usage is 31% only
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