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TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Models Announcement of Opportunity & Proposal Call

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This proposal call aims for the first scientific exploitation of the final & global DEM product of the TanDEM-X mission. The TanDEM-X DEM is the main DEM product of the TanDEM-X mission and is available for all land masses, including Antarctica, and all latitudes above 60° North. The call is dedicated to the data of the two highest posting classes (12m & 30m). The 90m product variant is not available by this call, and will be offered later with simplified procedures.

Proposal submission deadline: December 1st, 2016

Please check the following documents:

  • Announcement of Opportunity: TanDEM-X DEM: This documents gives a quick introduction on how to submit a DEM proposal, and explains all the constraints and peculiarities (e.g. quota limits, security regulations given by German law) of the call.
  • TanDEM-X DEM Product Specification: This document reflects the latest status of the TanDEM-X DEM product specification, and explains the coordinate system, the product structure, additional information layer, and quality remarks, etc.

The production status of the deliverable DEM tiles is available by two interfaces:

  • A Google Earth compatible KMZ File: The file delivers the bounding polygons of the DEM tiles, and can be also used offline in GIS tools. Quicklooks are not included.
  • TanDEM-X DEM status interface: An interactive online map interface, which in addition delivers quicklooks of the DEM tiles. Tiles in the inner part of Antarctica (below -85°) are due to the Mercator projection not displayed; please check the KMZ file instead for those tiles.


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