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satellite imagery

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hi guys.

I'm looking to download satellite images that are freely and the only place I know is the server Global Land Cover Facility.

my question is are there any other free servers?

scenes need path / row: 26/47 and 26/46 in Mexico

not matter if Landsat or other

I would greatly appreciate any input

thank you! ;)

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You're asking for "scenes need path / row: 26/47 and 26/46 in Mexico" and I already sent you the link to download Landsat images. For land use map, you have to process those Landsat images. Those images are mostly ortho-rectified and ready for image classification. The link includes some dates of the same path/row and it's also useful for change detection applications. Have you clicked on the link and tried downloading those images? If not, give it a try.


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You may download satellite imagery via LandViewer. This tool has a vast database of satellite images that are updated regularly. Satellite data is free to use and easy to find thanks to the convenient search interface, which reduces time needed to find right image data.  Besides that there are many tools available for image analysis and any user may use them at ease. For example, there are already ready-made tools for obtaining multispectral indices, flexible processing of data on AOI, elementary clustering, using a raster calculator, visualization of scenes in 3D using digital elevation models, changes in territories based on multi-temporal multispectral analysis, as well as creating ready-made animations of changes in terrain and so much more.

Here’s a brief guide to free satellite data that can be found on LandViewer:

  • Landsat 4 - archive 1982-1993
  • Landsat 5 - archive 1984-2013
  • Landsat 7 - archive since 1999
  • MODIS - archive since 2012
  • Landsat 8 - archive since 2013
  • Sentinel-1 - archive since 2014
  • Sentinel-2 - archive since 2015

All you need to do is open LandViewer and locate an area of your interest. Once done you will have the option to select a specific satellite you need and numerous tools for image analysis available at your disposal. Option to download is available on the right as seen on the image below.


Gilbert, AZ, USA. Feb 19, 2019 - Land Viewer | EOS


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