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Found 2 results

  1. Nowadays, amateur drones have an amazing range of applications. You may wonder: “Can I use my drone for photogrammetry?” and the answer is “Yes”. In this tutorial, you will create a georeferenced and measurable 3D model, using YouTube video captured by DJI Inspire 1 using Agisoft PhotoScan and view it with Sputnik GIS Source video (4k / 2160p): 3D Model created using Agisoft PhotoScan: If you're interested, you can read a tutorial. Sputnik GIS also used to measure distances and heights, calculate cut and fill volumes of piles and quarries and volume differences between digital elevation models obtained at different time, generate cross-sections (profiles) of DEMs and export them to DXF.
  2. Hello all, I am looking for some tips about inserting a script in the model-builder... I am actually building a model in the Arc-GIS model-builder. At one point I would like to insert a script that crosses information from two layers at one point of the model with a output layer, that will be used further along. In Arcmap, I added the script with a right-click in my toolbox > add script... After loading my script, I applied the following parameters: -Two inputs, referring my layers that I use in the script (raster layer type) - One output, for the result (raster layer type) I then go to my model and drag my script into it. I connect my two layers as inputs with the arrow and specify the output file name. All seems ok as the boxes appear with the correct colors. I have to specify that I am working with a variable folder %folder% so I added that in my script. When I validate my model it goes all blank, because it cannot find the input layers, as they are created in the model. Can anybody help me please? PS: Here is my script: # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # calculator.py # Created on: 2012-11-15 16:59:11.00000 # (generated by ArcGIS/ModelBuilder) # Description: # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------[/background][/font][/color] # Import arcpy module import arcpy # Check out any necessary licenses arcpy.CheckOutExtension("spatial") # Local variables: raster = "%Dossier%\Erosion.gdb\raster" # Process: Calculatrice raster arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa("Con((\"%Surf_Drainee%\" > 12) & (\"%Surf_Drainee%\" <= 80) & (\"%Pente_Rclass%\" <= 24), \"%Pente_Rclass%\" + 1, Con((\"%Surf_Drainee%\" > 80) & (\"%Pente_Rclass%\" < 24), \"%Pente_Rclass%\" + 2, Con((\"%Surf_Drainee%\" > 80) & (\"%Pente_Rclass%\" == 24), \"%Pente_Rclass%\" + 1, \"%Pente_Rclass%\")))", raster)
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