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Found 4 results

  1. Hello members of GIS AREA ! Drones, also named UAV's or UAS's, are becoming increasingly popular for different applications. Me, I am interested in the field on drones applications for remote sensing, more exactly for aerial mapping, to produce orthophotos, Digital Terrain Models (DEM) and other products which are very useful for research or private businesses. I would like to know more about how to build a personal drone from 0, how to selected the best platform for the application of aerial mapping, how to fly the drone and how to process the datasets obtained from drones. I know that, on this forum, there are some people who are using drones and it would be great to share some knowledge, some practical information to others interested in UAV drones. Let's see what can we do. Is someone interested to participate to this ? My best regards, Arhanghelul
  2. Nowadays, amateur drones have an amazing range of applications. You may wonder: “Can I use my drone for photogrammetry?” and the answer is “Yes”. In this tutorial, you will create a georeferenced and measurable 3D model, using YouTube video captured by DJI Inspire 1 using Agisoft PhotoScan and view it with Sputnik GIS Source video (4k / 2160p): 3D Model created using Agisoft PhotoScan: If you're interested, you can read a tutorial. Sputnik GIS also used to measure distances and heights, calculate cut and fill volumes of piles and quarries and volume differences between digital elevation models obtained at different time, generate cross-sections (profiles) of DEMs and export them to DXF.
  3. Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Republik Indonesia No PM 90 Tahun 2015 Tentang Pengendalian Pengoperasian Pesawat Udara Tanpa Awak di Ruang Udara yang Dilayani Indonesia Download di Link ini
  4. I have a question for those who use UAV drones: what type of drone is better for geomorphological studies ? Let's say that I would like to map a landslide or multiple landslides. Should I use a fixed-wing or a multirotor (ex: quadcopter) UAV for this type of field research ? I know that there are different types of landslides, some of them can stretch only on a few slopes (1-5-10 ha), or hundreds of land surfaces. So, what type of UAV should I use ? Thx. Arhanghelul
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