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Found 2 results

  1. I am creating a software, using Arc_engine 10.1 and visual studio 10. Everything seems ok even in building setup project. All the references are in detected dependencies. But after that, when I install .exe, it crashes. The error says that some of my references are not found in the project place. The only suspicious thing is that the project .net framework is 3.5 but in prerequisite the 3.5 sp1 and 4 are available, regardless of choosing either of them, a warning appears that says it is not match with with exact .net framework version. If that is the problem, I have .net framework 3.5 installed , but it is not available in prerequisites. What can I do to solve this? Any comments are appreciated.
  2. Hello, My background is in Simulation programming, and after a while in this industry I want to change. I have done a bit of GIS programming in my work, as visualisation is important in simulation I've written DEM importers and 3D visualisers, etc. I have even used ESRI ArcMap a few times many years ago but nothing recently. I've mainly used C# and C++, but have done not much web based. I have always enjoyed the geographic elements of programming which is why I want to get more into "GIS". I would like to also do field work. I resent being behind a computer so much and want to be outdoors more. A 50/50 split I think would be ideal. Over here in the UK I check out the jobsites but there is not too much GIS work about, especially not in my domain. I'm not sure where I would fit in but I expect I will have to move to another country. Given these desires (field work, GIS) what role might I fit into, how could I progress towards obtaining this role?
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