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Found 5 results

  1. The set deflection option can be used to create a segment at a +-angle from a an existing line segment. This is exactly what i need but with the ability to run it several times in a loop. In this case the vertex of the starting point is selected and the reference line segment is selected and 'set deflection' option is used to constrain the line to be drawn in a particular direction. bearing distance to line is very static. you have to specify every parameter. can somebody guide me to use it dynamically? so i can change the directions values while iterating.
  2. Hi everybody, This is my first time to this forum and I have a little problem with arcpy code: #Current map document mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("CURRENT") #Export x = raw_input("Insert the Name please ") arcpy.mapping.ExportToJPEG(mxd,x+".jpg") what is wrong with this code, I need your help Please.
  3. I've written a arcpy script that creates terrain datasets from LiDAR. After 18 hours it bombed. Instead of starting the entire process over again, I want the script to pick up where is failed. How do I check, with arcpy/python, if a Terrain Dataset has pyramids? If it does, then how do I check if the Terrain Dataset has data sources already added to build the terrain? Basically, how do I access the Terrain Model Properties to check for... anything really... so that I can verify that they exist or not? This is a fairly simple process for just about every other kind of feature using code like Exists or Describe, but I have been unable to find any documentation on how to do this with a Terrain Dataset. Suggestions?
  4. Hi, Tabulate area or Zonal Statistics as Table end with [000000_12301899] error when running from ArcToolBox. Using/calling them in python such as arcpy.sa.TabulateArea.... results in a simple crash. no warning. I've tried all possible workarounds. Changing pixel size, using feature class/shapefile as zone data etc. etc. Sometimes tool runs fine and sometime it gives the error (with exactly the same parameters). Crashes ArcGIS each time when called, in python. Is it the new version's problem??? I am using ArcGIS 10.1 with SP1.
  5. I think, this will be good idea to share python codes to learn and get support from the members. Under this post we can do that. Can anyone help to delete subtype field from a feature class (FC)? Like one FC may have a subtype field with 5 (five) predefined subtypes. How to read and list those five subtype values and remove from the subtype list dynamically and finally delete the field. Just now thought about this. Will work on this to get solution. Please share your views and post how you learnt Python for customizing ArcGIS Desktop and Server.
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