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  1. First of all please express your field of interest so we can help you better
  2. You can export to tif and then open them in ENVI and using 2d scatter plot build your plots
  3. I read it but it again gives in pixel. It seems I must find a way to convert pixel size to pixel resolution value. humm?
  4. Hi, Thanks very much but this gives the results in pixels not in cm?How can I convert it to cm? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.drawing.image.height(v=vs.110).aspx
  5. Hi again, Can you please give some information about calculation of x,y in cm?How can I calculate them?Should I use the camera's focal lens?
  6. thanks very much. I have to search more to find calculations and equations but why the x,y of center of image is in cm?should not it be on pixels?On the other side I have the exact lat and lon of the center of image what about it?
  7. Thanks, Can you please share some documents of using those parameters to georefrence?and also please explain a bit more about delta x, y and z...Why I need them?
  8. Hi,If we consider those information as what you have suggested Can I georefrence it using those data?or it is not possible?
  9. Hi Yousef, Yes It is the elevation of camera is 1111.1 meters but I am not sure about azimuth. could it be the angle of horizontal image?
  10. Dear rahmansunbeam, Thanks for your answer, you know the only data that I have are as this image. I think I can not find 4 points as I dont have any other benchmarks except what is in center of the image. I think If I can find pixel size on earth I can find other points but the rotation is the case here. https://ibb.co/ehscRQ The image that I have is uploaded in above link. Can you please take a look at it and give me some suggestions?thanks
  11. Hi, look at these videos which are for landsat 8 https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperLaser1979/videos
  12. I have faced a problem, I have an aerial image, I have its elevation and x,y of its center, I know we need to have at least 3 point to georeference an image using afine calculations, Is there any way to do it by elevation and one point? I am thinking if I can find pixel size on land I can calculate two other points manually based on central pixels location, is it possible/? I want to do it using gdal and c#. I just need the methodology and to know if it is possible to do this using these data or not.
  13. it seems it is because of webgl or sth like that.
  14. at first radiometric calibration using DN->radiance then atmospheric calibration using ATCOR,MODTRAN, FLAASH OR quick (some of them are methods some are tools) at the end calculate ndvi,your metadata is used in atmospheric and radiometric calibration .
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