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  1. I want to comparing two rasters( land surface temperature and NDVI),but i could,nt until now!!!! i calculated LST and NDVI in arcmap 10.1 for drawing scatter plot i exported my files in envi format but when i loaded them in ENVI whole of mt rasters have zero value!!!and my rasters was white entirely!!! i exported my rasters to Ascii format and loaded them in ILWIS but i could not to draw scatter plot can anyone help me?
  2. I wanted to use Qin 2001 method to retrieval LST but i could not calculating its parameters the method of sobrino 2004 was not done since we face to lake of some atmospheric datas then i studied the paper of Qihao Weng(2004) "Estimation of land surface temperature–vegetation abundance relationship for urban heat island studies " which is published in Estimation of land surface temperature–vegetation abundance relationship for urban heat island studies.I decided to use the method that was been used in that paper.here you can see this paper : http://www.utsa.edu/lrsg/Teaching/EES5053_Geo4093/Labs/Wengetal.pdf
  3. i,m so thankful for your response guys i solve m problem with spatial modeler in erdas imagine i want to calculate land surface temperature with this formula: LST = brightness temperature / 1 + (11.5 + brightness temperature /0.01438) * ln(emissivity) i have brightness temperature(Tb) file and i calculate emissivity but i can,t calculate LST i,ll be so thankful about your response and attention the best regard
  4. i,m working on my project which is about : monitoring urban heat islands with landsat TM images.when i want to calculate emissivity from the equation given by Van de Griend and Owe (1993),i can,t done it perfectly.i examine it in many of softwares such as: ilwis,erdas imagine 2011,ArcGIS10.1 but i could not set all of the conditions: if ndvi< -0.185 emissivity=0.995 if ndvi>= -0.185 and ndvi<0.157 emissivity=0.970 if ndvi>=0.157 and ndvi<=0.727 emissivity= 1.0098+0.047*ln(ndvi) if ndvi>0.727 emissivity=0.990 in ArcGIS 10.1/spatial analyst/con i performed bu i could not done it i would be so tankful if you help me to solve my problem.
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