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  1. wiedzie

    Data Podes

    Ada update pemilik data PODES, saya juga mau barter brangkali ada yang punya data jenis Tanah dan Cekungan air Tanah dengan data hidrogeologi dan geologi
  2. Maybe this tutor from FarmAssist Software can be used for starting point Grab here:
  3. Untuk alamat alternatifnya, diperbaharui setiap minggu [format shapefile] : http://osmdata.thinkgeo.com/openstreetmap-data/asia/indonesia.zip
  4. Here's my old paid Extension, hopely somebody have a new one and share with me This extension will convert your mxd to html, complete description can found here HTML ImageMapper | Publish your GIS maps to the WEB and to GoogleEarth | alta4 Geoinformatik AG - ESRI-Partner - GIS - ArcView Extensions - internet mapping - web developement you can grab here _-_ihtml__mpr.rar Thanks
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