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  1. what are you want? convert from raw or slc? Create DEM or displacement map? And do you want processing in SARscape? i can help you..
  2. This is not done automatically, only by hand. You must use the special software. For example - Erdas Imagine contains LPS Terrain Editor (visualization, verification and editing of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)). http://geospatial.intergraph.com/products/LPS/LPSTerrainEditor/Details.aspx For visualization using special 3D monitors - planar - http://www.planar3d.com/3d-products/sd2620w/ or use anaglyph glasses.
  3. Oh, of course .. Intel Core i7-2600K, 3.4 GHz 4Gb RAM DDRIII NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, 1536 MB Windows XP SP3 (32)
  4. Hi all! Once i spent exeperimental with compression, but the main problem has been data storage and I also saw archivers. About the compression: -At the same coefficient image compression format ECW is more granular and compressed in a format SID is more blur; - Used in the algorithm GlobalMapper ECW identical to the other, but sometimes poorly taken up by the projection of the source file. - J2000 uses the same wavelet transform, but at the same compression ratios, ECW and SID compressed visually with smaller losses than in J2K. - At the same values of the coefficients of compression, compression sid in fact better than ecw. J2000 format compresses the worst of all, and spoils the picture in the Erdas, ENVI algorithm is implemented better, but will choose a total of 2 compression versions - high and low. Original image: Format – img (Erdas Imagine) Size - 3 406 825 203 byte Compression - no Mode - Panchromatic Bits/pix – 8 Calculations are stated in Table http://postimage.org/image/5q0bai1up/
  5. Hello all! Has Anyone account for this site - https://vertex.daac.asf.alaska.edu/ ? I would like to download raw SAR data from ERS-2 satellite, but registration is too long and i wait it a lot of time... Can anyone help me ?
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