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  1. Dear Sir, Pls, reactivate my acc. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Dear Admin, Please, reactivate my account. Thanks, aung
  3. Dear Admin, Please, reactivate my account. Thanks, aung
  4. This is latest news on MeRRByS website: DECEMBER 14, 2018 End of MERRByS Operation Pilot Service We are sad to announce that life extension of TechDemoSat-1 for supporting MERRByS is coming to an end. Routine GNSS-R data collection will cease this weekend (16th Dec 2018), and the GNSS reflectometry service will not resume in January. The SGR-ReSI was just one of the 8 technology experiments, and the final demonstration on TDS-1 is the de-orbit sail; this will be deployed early in 2019. SSTL and NOC have plans for the flight of future GNSS Reflectometry instruments to continue
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