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  1. Hi all, want your help. I am working on a project where I would like to have a seamless natural color imagery of entire globe at 15m resolution. I do not have the expertise to convert individual Landsat scenes to a proper color balanced mosaic. So, as an alternative I am trying to convert the already available Landsat Geocover global seamless imagery from NASA. This dataset has been created from Landsat EMT+ imagery from circa 2000 to 2003. Below is a description this product: http://www.glcf.umd.edu/library/guide/techguide_geocover.pdf The problem is this data-set uses band combination of
  2. There might be a problem with datum transformation. You might want to recheck whether you converted shape to kml correctly
  3. Hi I need to convert 2D to 3D Polyline by specifying Start/End Elevations. The intermediate points should get automatically calculated. Carlson software has exactly the same utility, but I do not have this software. I have ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MapInfo. Below is the link to the functionality I want: http://files.carlsonsw.com/mirror/manuals/Takeoff_R1/online/source/Elevate/2D_to_3D_Polyline_by_StartEnd_Elevations/2D_to_3D_Polyline_by_StartEnd_Elevations.htm Would appreciate any help. A
  4. Hi Guys I am on a sticky wicket here. Can anyone suggest most precise method of converting coordinates from ED 1950 to WGS 84? One example coordinate is: N 749813 E 4559280 EL 1089.98 Above coordinates are in UTM Zone 37N ED 1950. EL is the elevation of the point with reference to WGS84(yes WGS84) ellipsoid. How do I convert this information to WGS 84 ellipsoid? I have tried ArcGIS, Global Mapper. Results do not match. FYI these coordinates fall in Turkey. Any help is appreciated.
  5. It is a very simple process using ERDAS(any version). Go to Mosaic Tool >Edit>Output Options>Method>Polygon Vector File Specify the shapefile to be used for clipping. If you have output filenames as attribute in the shapefile it will rename the output accordingly. I don't know why you want to stick to ArcGIS for raster processing. It is not really made for it. Happy Clipping..
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