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Help to host an ArcGIS StoryMap


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Dear GIS users/colleagues,

I have been learning how to use GIS and more specifically ArcGIS for more than a year (online course). I was able to build in my free time a portfolio of maps on topics which interest me or are related to my area of expertise. I displayed most of them in a StoryMap online, which I intend to use as my online portfolio to showcase my work to potential future employers.

The only issue is that, my ArcGIS licence is expiring soon (end December/early Jan). I contacted ESRI and they confirm that I am definitely going to loose all my content, StoryMaps included. Here is the StoryMap link, it's public anyway ;)


After a bit of research, I was able to find a way to copy a StoryMap from one account to another, with a Python script. I tested it from my main ArcGIS account to another trial account created for this (lasts only 21 days) -> I invite to see how simple and safe it is.


My request is simple. I am looking for a gentle soul, with a licence, who would be kind enough to host my creation, so that it just remains there on the cloud, with a permanent link which is not going to get deleted, and for everyone to see if/when they desire.

Thank you in advance for your help :) Julien

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thanks for your response,

I have a one-year ArcGIS for Desktop Student Trial licence, which I got from one of the Coursera lessons. It will be expiring in a few weeks.

I think I actually managed to save my work though, despite Esri Support telling me that all my content will be deleted and that my only option is to purchase an "ArcGIS for Personal Use license" at $100/year...

Nobody ever mentioned to me this possibility and I never realised it, but I can actually create an ArcGIS Public Account!

"An ArcGIS public account is a free account designed for personal, non-commercial use.
With a public account you can:

  • Create, store, and manage maps, scenes, layers, apps, and other geospatial content.
  • Share content with others.
  • Access content shared by Esri and GIS users around the world."

So, one can actually do a lot of stuff with this free account! This is perfect for me, I just need this type of account to store my content, that's it.

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