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Convert CRS from ESRI:102673 to EPSG:4326


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Hi readers,

I have a dataset of ~60,000,000 rows of lidar point data. All spatial reference points are projected using ESRI:102673 (full WKT here: https://epsg.io/102673). I need to convert this to latitude and longitude, EPSG:4326, so that I can overlay other layers and have them match up in the same spacial reference. I am using Python, so any transformation I can do using numpy or pandas will work, or any other free software that gets the job done would be great.

This tool (https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/NCAT/) does exactly what I need, for reference, but only takes up to ~10,000 points at a time, which won't work for my purposes.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Reyalino,

I've tried this and hit a:

RuntimeError: b'no arguments in initialization list'

despite having set the geodataframe with a valid crs. I am looking into this now and troubleshooting, but are there other options to transform? It would be great if I could define a function to apply the transformation. I don't know the underlying math, which prevents me from doing this.

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