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How about use function area in the mapinfo !


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I think is related to the two main option for surfaces  calculus  from MI.  

They are exposed , as an example, at general settings in older MI: you have the option to calculate a surface in "cartesian" or "spherical" . In the new versions  this is more hidden. 

In your case, I think that you  are working in a long/lat system, perhaps WGS84;  this one is entering in the so called spherical calculus, and you have this as implicit (the screen capture).

The cartesian calculus are exposed as options.

You must chose, evaluate carefully what you need, what you are targeting in the project. You will make unhappy an engineer if you are offering him a map with degrees... m.....seconds.

In reverse, a sailor if you are offering him metric coordinates.... 





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The Area, and SphericalArea, functions are to be used on lat/long data. Here you are using degrees for coordinates

CartesianArea is to be used on projected data, that's typically data stored in a local (cartesian) projection. Here you would be using meters for coordinates.

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