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Hello everyone, 

there is a Terrain Model I wasn't aware of, so I would like to share with you some links. 

For Global project, I usually  GTOPO30 as a global DTM, but recently I discovered GMTED2010 (Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 ) a free avaIlable data model of the world at 250m, 500m and 1km resolution. 

GMTED2010 provides a new level of detail in global topographic data. Previously, the best available global DEM was GTOPO30 with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc-seconds. The GMTED2010 product suite contains seven new raster elevation products for each of the 30-, 15-, and 7.5-arc-second spatial resolutions and incorporates the current best available global elevation data. The new elevation products have been produced using the following aggregation methods: minimum elevation, maximum elevation, mean elevation, median elevation, standard deviation of elevation, systematic subsample, and breakline emphasis. Metadata have also been produced to identify the source and attributes of all the input elevation data used to derive the output products. Many of these products will be suitable for various regional features for hydrologic modeling, and geometric and radiometand continental applications, such as climate modeling, continental-scale land cover mapping, extraction of drainage ric correction of medium and coarse resolution satellite image data. The global aggregated vertical accuracy of GMTED2010 can be summarized in terms of the resolution and RMSE of the products with respect to a global set of control points (estimated global accuracy of 6 m RMSE) provided by NGA. At 30 arc-seconds, the GMTED2010 RMSE range is between 25 and 42 meters; at 15 arc-seconds, the RMSE range is between 29 and 32 meters; and at 7.5 arc-seconds, the RMSE range is between 26 and 30 meters. GMTED2010 is a major improvement in consistency and vertical accuracy over GTOPO30, which has a 66 m RMSE globally compared to the same NGA control points. In areas where new sources of higher resolution data were available, the GMTED2010 products are substantially better than the aggregated global statistics; however, large areas still exist, particularly above 60 degrees North latitude, that lack good elevation data. As new data become available, especially in areas that have poor coverage in the current model, it is hoped that new versions of GMTED2010 might generated and thus gradually improve the global model.

Link to Document 



Link to Archive for Download

as a folder


as a viewer 






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And here another link to an SRTM data extractor


why is cool? 

- you can create an hillshade (with your own data of light azimuth and altitude) on their server and download it as GeoTIFF or IMG

- extract up to 4 mio km2 


   Generate hillshade images from DEMs 
  Generate additional color-relief and colored hillshades 
  Generate additional Google Earth KMZ files


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