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Least cost method in Arcmap


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Hello again,

I was trying to do least cost distance  using ArcMAp. I tried to run least cost distance tool and it shows error as 999999. The input raster used in the cost distance tool were

1.A raster file showing the origin

 2. Resulting file from a weighted overlay tool.

I think the raster file showing the origin has some problem which stops the operation. I was trying with a dummy point to know how this funtion works. Is it because of that? I first made a point shape file in the map and then made the point shape file into a raster file. This was then used for the least distance operation. Waiting for some replies.


Thanks a lot,










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@pasfans, Thanks for the reply. I use ArcMap 10.5.1. I was trying to use this tool to learn how it works. So i was using dummy files and that may be the problem. I drew a point in the  map using editor and assumed it as origin. Do you think that would be the reason for the error ? All the best with your thesis:) 

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yes, If you are using 10.5.1 I assume you have original license from ESRI, I suggest you to try ArcGIS pro, if you have access to arcgis online organizational license, it is more stable, and if you make a model using model builder, it has new tool called cost path as polyline, so your workflow will be simplified, 

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