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Measuring border/edge on cover type map (currently in pdf format)


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I am trying to measure diversity index by using a cover type map of an area of land. The cover type map is a pdf. My plan was to somehow pull the map into GIS create a grid (1000 ft by 1000 ft). Then I am going to use a random number generator to choose the squares that I want evaluate. Once I have the squares I am going to measure the amount of border/edge of the different cover types using the measure tool. The problem is getting the pdf into arc so that I can measure the lines. 


If anyone has suggestions on how to go about this or another way that would work better please help me! Also I have only had entry level GIS training at this point. 


Thank you!



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so, what the detail of PDF, is it vector pdf  something from TerraGO, avenza software  or images pdf?

if those files is vector pdf then simply georeference it and you can export it using avenza

if in this case you talk bout image pdf, then you need to do manual things, 

digitize it, using something like arcscan in ArcGIS or or golden software didger :)

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