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Sketchfab and GIS


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I would just read the posts from that site would help, then contact the guy that did it  :)

Quote  " mwillis
I probably need to write a blog post to cover all the details of how I did it but here is the short version. I imported a DEM into ArcGIS and generated contours and a raster showing the extent of the vegetation (green on map). That was all exported as a raster with the same dimensions as the DEM in X and Y directions. In 3DS Max, the same DEM was imported and turned into an editable poly. I used a number of splines that conformed to the surface of the DEM/poly to create the paths for the animations. Finally, I textured the DEM with the raster from ArcGIS and animated the arrows and cylinders (animals and hunters) along the paths. That was all exported as an FBX for upload into Sketchfab.

Sketchfab gives the average user a way to experience this data in a way that’s impossible elsewhere."

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