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The Register Map

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Please forgive me if my english is not true.
I want to ask something fundamental about the register map with ARCGIS. I have a shp file that has been registered, this time I want to change the register early because they did not fit. What should I do it again from scratch, or there may be a way to change it directly to the shp fil?
Please provide fill to me about this issue.
Thank you

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Hi apwonggwantenx,


What do you mean by register? Change the projection?


If so, simply use ArcCatalog.

Go to ArcToolbox > Data Managment Tools > Projections and Transformations and double click to "Project".

Select your Shapefile, choose your Output Feature Class (the place where you want to store your data) and the Output Coordinate System that you want to use (i.e: UTM32).


Hope that help, if not, rephrase your question.





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