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ERDAS Announces More Leading Edge Tools


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ERDAS announces the release of IMAGINE SAR Interferometry, a new package of radar workflows featuring the industry’s most advanced radar mapping technologies. With this release, ERDAS continues to upgrade its radar mapping software, with more enhancements planned for the ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 release later this year.

With intelligent defaults and optimized processing, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry is fully integrated into ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s foremost solution for manipulating, processing and understanding imagery and vector data. IMAGINE SAR Interferometry includes new interpolation techniques that increase the quality and fidelity of radar data.

A part of the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry now includes IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection and IMAGINE InSAR. IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection assists the analyst in detecting changes in interferometric SAR data. By including IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection in this package, users can detect change and map the location of detected change in a raster image or in a point shapefile, and then share these results with other GIS users.

When ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 is released, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry will also include IMAGINE DInSAR, a new product for elevation change detection. Using high-resolution radar data sets with DInSAR, users can map ground subsidence and lava dome growth with SAR data. In addition, users can run spatial analysis on SAR data, and utilize other functionalities in ERDAS IMAGINE.

With tools for georectifying, filtering and calibrating radar images, analysts can derive elevation information regardless of cloud cover, day or night from stereo or interferometric image-pairs. Analysts can save their radar data in any raster format, create color images to emphasize the magnitude of change, derive binary images to detect the most dramatic changes, create shapefiles for GIS applications and more. Utilizing the power of ERDAS IMAGINE, these tools are interoperable, supporting all raster file formats, with the ability to seamlessly connect radar data to any of ERDAS’ portfolio of solutions and many other geospatial products.

ERDAS radar mapping products support a growing number of satellite sensors, including ERS-1, 2 and EnviSat, RADARSAT-1 and 2, TerraSAR-X (with one meter spotlight modes), COSMO-SkyMed, ALOS PALSAR and more. Data from other radar sensors are supported by a generic import interface.

IMAGINE SAR Interferometry is available for IMAGINE Advantage and IMAGINE Professional customers. Existing IMAGINE InSAR customers will receive IMAGINE Coherence Change Detection and IMAGINE DInSAR at no extra charge. Other radar mapping modules available include IMAGINE StereoSAR, IMAGINE OrthoRadar, and IMAGINE Radar Interpreter.

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