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Folder structures for GIS


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Dear gisarea,


I've been working with gis for 2 years, but still I am not good in managing the data. There are so many shp, received from the clients, edited data, delivered data and etc. Yes I've used the geodatabase to managing the gisdata but I can't make good structures folder to manages this shp. I've tried with making structures folder such as below

  • Start Data (I keep all raw data in this folder)
  • Work Data (all edited shp file and raster i put on this folder
  • Delivered Data ( I put my final shp and drawing on this folder)


Would you mind to share an experiences on how to make good structures folder for working with gis data?



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I advocate this:
Have a folder called something like Library, keeps all the base reference data

For each individual project:

Create a GDB called ModelScratch or something similiar, use model builder to put all the intermediates here

Create a separate gdb and use mdoel builder to put all the final products here

for edits and whatever put them in another folder

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