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3d tourist map information


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I have searched over internet and some examples from Image search shows that a 3D tourist map could be a normal 2D map with area details in 2D format and various 3D model of place of interest draped on the same map. For 2D street map you can use free maps or you also can create it. Then you need to create the 3D models of the place of interest. Like if the place of interest is a park then you need to build a generic park model in 3D then this 3D model will be draped on the 2D street map. For 3D creation you can use sketchup or any other 3D model building tool. For 2D I think you know the tools.  

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It can be also a "normal" tourism map with "shadowed relief" 

(I did one a few years ago for Namibia: http://www.nadar-gis.com/nadar/html_en/applications-cartotourist-1a.htm

Basically, it's a SRTM DEM. Shadows are generated in Global Mapper. Map editing done in ArcGIS and map sheet editing in Illustrator

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